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Dating With Courage Program Offerings
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Dating With Courage

Transform your dating life from feeling defeated and stuck in the friend zone to confidently approaching women, creating irresistible chemistry, and enjoying genuine connections… all in just 12 weeks!

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Develop confidence in your approach to dating

Gain the self-assurance to initiate conversations, ask for her number, and create a positive first impression, ensuring you step into the dating scene with authenticity and confidence.

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Master the art of flirting and irresistible chemistry

Learn to read cues, initiate playful and respectful flirting, and create an irresistible chemistry that goes beyond surface-level interactions, making your interactions memorable and captivating.

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Build genuine and authentic connections with women

Move beyond superficial connections by learning the skills to build genuine, meaningful relationships with women, fostering authenticity, trust, and mutual understanding.

You know you should be enjoying a thriving dating life, but there's one problem: approaching women feels like an insurmountable challenge, and the fear of rejection is holding you back.

If you ever feel like finding love is an elusive dream, you certainly aren’t alone.

Maybe you’ve been through disappointing dates, and the fear of another heartbreak is keeping you from putting yourself out there.

Or maybe you don’t have any dating experience at all. Every time you consider approaching a woman, the fear of saying the wrong thing or being awkward paralyzes you, and you end up having a missed connection.

It doesn’t matter how many dating apps you’ve tried; the problem is that your messages go unanswered, and the fear of being perpetually single is starting to feel like an inevitable reality.

While you know you should be excited about the prospect of love, perhaps past heartbreaks have left you with an understandable fear of vulnerability, making it challenging to open up and trust again.

If you feel like giving up on dating because you can’t seem to get out of your own head, it’s time to give yourself the gift of Dating With Courage.

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"This was a transformative experience I'll always be thankful for."

Dating With Courage’s virtual coaching sessions were invaluable. My dating coach provided a safe space for me to explore my dating goals and challenges. I received personalized guidance on creating my online dating profile, improving conversation skills, and understanding women’s perspectives. The program’s worksheets and reflection exercises allowed me to gain self-awareness and make positive changes in my life. This was a transformative experience I’ll always be thankful for.

Chandler, 38

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What will you gain from Dating With Courage?

With Dating With Courage, you’ll effortlessly navigate the dating scene, leaving behind the frustration of awkward encounters and finding genuine connections that last.

We will provide you with your roadmap to transform from feeling uncertain and anxious in dating to confidently approaching women and building meaningful relationships.

Say goodbye to the endless cycle of failed dates and hello to a fulfilling dating life. With Dating With Courage, you’ll be on the path to lasting connection.

This program is designed to take you from feeling lost and frustrated in dating to confidently pursuing the relationships you desire in just 12 weeks.

Confidence That Radiates

THE PROBLEM: Dating has become a series of disappointments, with each date feeling like a letdown. You're questioning your attractiveness and whether true connection is possible in your future. The constant lackluster conversations and finding yourself in the “friend zone” leave you feeling disenchanted with the dating process as a whole.

THE ANSWER: Picture a world where dating is enjoyable, and every interaction holds the opportunity for a genuine connection. Dating With Courage transforms your entire dating experience, helping you attracts women and fostering connections that go beyond surface-level conversations.

Effective Dating Strategies

THE PROBLEM: You've experienced heartbreak and disappointment in past relationships, and the fear of opening up to someone new is paralyzing. The thought of being vulnerable again is terrifying, and you're unsure if you can trust yourself to make the right choices in love.

THE ANSWER: Dating With Courage is your path to healing and rediscovering the joy of love. Break free from the past, build resilience, and learn to trust again. Our program guides you toward healthy relationships, allowing you to embrace vulnerability with confidence.

Online Dating Mastery

THE PROBLEM: You’ve downloaded dating app after dating app, swiping right and sending messages to dozens of potential matches, only to have zero responses. What’s going on? Are you not attractive, or are women simply not interested in a guy like you? You’re starting to feel defeated, and you’re considering deleting your dating apps altogether. Maybe dating simply just isn’t in the cards for you.

THE ANSWER: You’re a great catch just as you are. The problem isn’t YOU; it’s how you’re presenting yourself. You need to understand what is inherently attractive about you already, so you can showcase those wonderful qualities to the women you meet both online and in-person. That’s where we come in. We help you build a strong foundation of confidence so you can authentically and genuinely connect with women in a natural way that makes the both of you excited.

Say goodbye to...

Instead, you will...

Let’s turn this from ONE DAY into DAY ONE. We want to see your love life transform so you can finally achieve the dating goals you long for. Are you ready to invest in yourself, something your future self will thank you for later?

"I've connected with someone special."

Before Dating With Courage, I was getting frustrated about missed opportunities in my dating life. The program not only equipped me with practical strategies but also transformed my mindset. Now I am able to approach dating with confidence, and the results speak for themselves. I’ve connected with someone special, and I’m grateful for the invaluable guidance from my coach along the way.

Brad, 41

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Dating With Courage

Dating With Courage is your 12-week transformational dating coaching program. Dive into personalized one-on-one coaching sessions and comprehensive training modules designed to reshape your dating life. Unlock rock solid confidence, build meaningful connections, and embark on a journey of self-discovery. Dating With Courage is your roadmap to finding lasting love.

What You'll Learn

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Building A Strong Foundation

Ever wondered how some people radiate self-confidence effortlessly? It’s not just a magical trait; it’s a skill you can cultivate. In this module, we dive deep into the core elements of self-assurance, helping you build a strong foundation that transforms the way you navigate social interactions and challenges.


Defining Your Ideal Life And Future Partner

Embark on a transformative journey to define your ideal life and future partner. This module goes beyond wishful thinking, guiding you to set concrete goals and create a vision that aligns with your deepest desires.

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Elevating Your Grooming And Style

Transform your personal presentation as we discover the fundamentals of grooming and style. Elevate your confidence and leave a lasting impression with strategic lessons that cover grooming essentials, wardrobe mastery, and fashion choices.


Mastering Online Dating

Dive into the world of online dating as we equip you with the skills to navigate the digital landscape successfully. From choosing the right dating apps, creating an attention-getting profile, and crafting captivating messages, this module covers every aspect of online dating mastery.

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Approaching Women With Confidence

Discover the art of approaching women with confidence. From identifying ideal meeting places to gracefully handling different responses, this module empowers you to navigate the world of approaching women with authenticity and self-assurance so you know exactly what to do, step-by-step, in any scenario.


Requesting Contact Information

Here we prepare you for all of the various intricacies of requesting contact information, providing you with the skills and confidence to navigate this crucial stage of connection-building. From timing and crafting irresistible invitations to handling responses gracefully, this module guides you through respectful pursuit and adaptation in the pursuit of genuine connections.

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Planning Memorable First Dates

This module serves as your guide to planning unforgettable first dates that set the stage for meaningful connections. From selecting ideal locations to navigating first date etiquette, by the end of this module you will feel equipped with the skills to create memorable experiences and build genuine connections.


Mastering Flirting And Chemistry

This module is designed to help you understand the principles of effective flirting, ignite and maintain chemistry, and navigate the intricacies of nonverbal communication. When you can master the art of flirting and create irresistible chemistry, you’ll likely never find yourself sidelined in the “friend zone” again.

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After The First Date

Discover how to navigate the post-first date landscape with confidence and grace. This module focuses on sending thoughtful follow-up messages, sustaining momentum, and handling different responses gracefully.


Texting Strategies For Building Connection

With texting being a major way for potential matches to comminicate in the modern world, it’s essential to know how to text effectively. Learn the art of texting, understand etiquette, and discover how to maintain interest and build chemistry through engaging and flirtatious messages.

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Vetting A Potential Relationship

This module will guide you as you dive into the nuances of evaluating a potential relationship. From initiating conversations about exclusivity and commitment to addressing key questions that define the relationship, explore the essential aspects of vetting a partner for long-term compatibility. Learn to navigate the complexities of building emotional intimacy and recognizing red flags, ensuring you make informed decisions in your pursuit of a meaningful connection.


Navigating And Sustaining Relationships

Discover the art of navigating and sustaining meaningful relationships. From sustaining attraction and connection to discussing future planning and growth, this module will serve as your companion to guide you through the various aspects of building a strong and enduring partnership.

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Each module is packed full of helpful information, tips, and resources along with implementation worksheets, exercises, checklists, and more. You will have everything you need to achieve dating success along with the unwavering support of your coach.

Is this you?

Let’s turn this from ONE DAY into DAY ONE. We want to see your love life transform so you can finally achieve the dating goals you long for. Are you ready to invest in yourself, something your future self will thank you for later?

Dating With Courage is your secret weapon to break free from the cycle of dating struggles. You will feel empowered to initiate conversations effortlessly, transform online dating frustrations into meaningful connections, and transition from the friend zone to creating genuine chemistry. With our guidance, you’ll confidently present your authentic self both online and offline, paving the way for successful long-term relationships. Embark on this transformative experience, navigating the dating scene with your newfound skills and embracing personal growth. Investing in yourself through Dating With Courage is your commitment to unlocking a more confident, fulfilling, and successful dating life.

What's Included:

How Is Dating With Courage Different?

Frequently Asked Questions

To get started, simply apply to speak with us here. The enrollment process involves an initial consultation to understand your goals and determine if Dating With Courage is the right fit for you. Once enrolled, you’ll receive your program materials and schedule your first coaching session.

Yes! In between your sessions, you will enjoy text and email communication as well as designated weekly live office hours where you can pop in and chat with me one-on-one.

Upon enrollment, you will have access to 12 modules of program materials, our vast library of resources, 12 one-on-one coaching sessions, and any bonuses we are currently offering.

Absolutely! This program is perfect for you whether you’re new to dating, an experienced dater who is looking for better results, or someone who is getting back into the dating world after a divorce or death of a spouse. Our completely customized approach allows us to meet you exactly where you’re at and take you where you want to go no matter what your dating history looks like.

Yes! We will never pressure you to venture into online dating if it’s not something you feel comfortable with. The good news is that we’re prepared to walk you through every step should you want to, and if your views change over time, you can always circle back to the material later.

While the program is designed to last 12 weeks, we understand that sometimes life happens and things can get in the way. We are happy to be flexible to accommodate bumps in the road; however, we recommend spacing your coaching sessions out no more than every other week so that you can maintain consistency, accountability, and momentum. You will have lifetime access to your program materials and you have up to 12 months from the date of purchase to use all of your coaching sessions.

The investment for Dating With Courage is $4,997. We also offer an installment option if that would be helpful for you.

Due to the virtual format of the program, we are unable to offer a refund after you have started. However, if you change your mind within seven business days and haven’t accessed your program materials, we are happy to offer a refund under those circumstances. Please note that we are able to view whether you have accessed the program materials on our end, so once that has happened we are no longer able to offer a refund.

Dating With Courage is a comprehensive coaching program designed to empower men in their dating lives. The program combines personalized coaching sessions, interactive workshops, and practical strategies to help clients build confidence, improve communication skills, and navigate the complexities of dating successfully. Through a structured curriculum, clients receive guidance on various aspects of dating, from creating a compelling online profile to mastering in-person interactions.

Dating With Courage is ideal for men who find themselves struggling in the dating world, whether they are new to dating or have faced challenges in forming meaningful connections. The program caters to individuals seeking to enhance their confidence, communication skills, and overall dating experience.

The program is designed to be flexible to accommodate various schedules. It typically spans 12 weeks, with a combination of one-on-one coaching sessions, teaching materials, and independent exercises. Clients can expect to dedicate a few hours per week to coaching sessions and self-paced activities.

Dating With Courage stands out due to its holistic approach, combining practical strategies, personalized coaching, and interactive workshops. The program addresses both online and offline dating challenges, focusing on building long-term skills rather than offering quick fixes. The emphasis on fostering genuine connections and personal growth sets it apart.

Absolutely. Dating With Courage is tailored to accommodate individuals at various stages of their dating journey. Whether you’re re-entering the dating scene after a break or navigating it for the first time, the program provides foundational skills and guidance.

The program covers a range of topics, including building confidence, effective communication, online and offline dating strategies, understanding body language, and handling rejection. It also addresses advanced topics like navigating relationships and sustaining meaningful connections.

Coaching sessions are conducted one-on-one between yourself and your coach to ensure personalized attention. This allows for focused discussions, tailored feedback, and individualized strategies. However, certain workshops and group activities may be included as a complimentary (and optional) bonus) for a more dynamic learning experience.

Yes, clients can expect tangible results. The program provides not only guidance but also actionable strategies for real-world situations. Whether it’s securing dates, improving communication, or building lasting connections, the program is focused on delivering measurable outcomes. Ongoing support is offered through coaching sessions, workshops, and additional resources to ensure continued growth.

Yes, the program is designed to accommodate various schedules and time zones. Coaching sessions can be scheduled at mutually convenient times, and many program components are self-paced, allowing flexibility for individuals with busy lifestyles.

Dating With Courage takes a personalized approach, addressing each client’s unique challenges and goals. Through one-on-one coaching sessions, personalized exercises, and targeted strategies, the program ensures that individual needs are understood and addressed effectively.

Certainly. The program is adaptable to various relationship statuses. If you find success early in the process and enter a relationship, coaching sessions can be adjusted to address the specific challenges and dynamics of a developing relationship. Believe it or not, many of our clients find themselves dating or in a relationship before they complete their program, which is such a testament to how effective it is.

After completing the program, clients have the option to access ongoing support through advanced coaching sessions or group activities. Additionally, alumni may benefit from exclusive resources and events designed to support their continued growth in the dating realm.

To ensure a high level of personalized attention, there is a limit to the number of clients accepted into each cohort. This allows the coaching team to focus on the individual needs of each participant and maintain the program’s effectiveness.

While individual results vary, Dating With Courage has a proven track record of success. Many clients report significant improvements in their dating lives, including increased confidence, successful connections, and the development of meaningful relationships. The success rate is a testament to the effectiveness of the program’s approach.

Limited Time Bonus Offers

Bonus #1: Online Dating Profile Review

Ensure you are making a great first impression from day one. With your Online Dating Profile Review, your coach will go over clear action steps for any improvements you can make to your photos, bio, question prompts, and more.
VALUE: $297

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Bonus #2: Implementation Call

Once your program journey is finished, make sure you are all set with your next steps. We'll celebrate your successes, identify areas that you can continue to implement, and talk about options for continued support.
VALUE: $97

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Bonus #3: Facebook Group Access

Receive access to our private Facebook group where you can join other likeminded men in similar walks of life as you. Get support, feedback, and advice and enjoy exclusive members-only bonus sessions throughout the year.

Can you imagine these same results?

Transform your dating life with Dating With Courage. Once you implement what you learn, these are the kind of results you’re going to get…

"Before joining Dating With Courage, I felt like I was stuck in a never-ending cycle of frustration when it came to dating. I lacked the confidence to approach women or ask them on a date. Even when a woman expressed interest in me, I still doubted myself and my abilities. This program helped to completely transform my mindset, providing practical tools to navigate dating with ease. Now I'm confidently connecting with women both online and in my area, and my dating life finally feels exciting and fulfilling instead of like a chore." - Lucas, 36
John Doe
"I can't believe the transformation Dating With Courage brought to my dating life. Before, I felt overwhelmed and unsure about how to have success with online dating. The program's insights into creating an attention-getting profile and building genuine connections were game-changers. I've found a new level of confidence and I’m happy to report that I’m matching (and getting responses from!) women who I’m excited about dating. It's not just about dating; it's a journey of self-discovery and growth." - Zachary, 27
John Doe
"Working with my coach was something that I will never regret. The support, accountability, and tailored feedback were invaluable to my success. My coach guided me through the program materials, encouraging me as I made realizations and implemented what I learned into my own life. The structured approach of the program combined with the personalized coaching sessions made all the difference. I now feel equipped to tackle the dating world confidently." - Alan, 32
John Doe
"Enrolling in Dating With Courage was the best decision I made for my dating life. The comprehensive program materials were fantastic, but what truly set it apart was the personalized support from my coach. The accountability kept me on track, and the insightful feedback enhanced what I was learning every week. The program paired with the coaching sessions transformed my dating approach. I've not only found success but also gained a newfound confidence in my dating journey." - Lewis, 24
John Doe
"Before discovering Dating With Courage, I lacked direction when it came to my dating life. While the program's robust materials provided a clear roadmap for success, I strongly feel that the real magic happened with my coach's support. Having someone to guide me, provide feedback, and hold me accountable made all the difference in the world. Now I'm not just treading water in the dating world; I'm thriving and actually enjoying dating for once in my life." - Marcus, 40
John Doe
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Don't let another day pass you by.

Do you really want to be sitting in the same position six months from now, wishing you had taken action to handle this part of your life once and for all? Many of our clients share that the only regret they have is not making the decision to work with us sooner. Your opportunity is now. Will you embark on this journey so we can change your life together?

Imagine two paths stretching out before you, each one holding the potential to shape the trajectory of your dating life.

Path #1: Leaping Into Transformation

If you take the courageous decision to take a leap of faith into this program, you’re choosing a path of growth, self-discovery, and the potential for profound change. Picture yourself in a few months, confidently navigating the dating landscape with newfound charisma and self-assuredness. The feelings of fear and frustration that currently accompany your dating journey will be replaced by a sense of empowerment and purpose. Every interaction becomes an opportunity for connection, and the days of feeling stuck or alone become a distant memory.

Choosing to invest in your success with Dating With Courage isn’t simply a commitment to a program; it’s a commitment to yourself. You’ll gain the tools and insights that you need to break free from the patterns that have held you back, creating a future where fulfilling connections are not only possible but a regular occurrence. The satisfaction of seeing tangible results and the joy of genuine connection become constants in your life. This path leads to a future where you are the author of your dating story, confidently shaping the narrative with every new encounter.

Path #2: Choosing Status Quo

On the other hand, if you choose to maintain the familiar cycle of frustration, loneliness, and missed opportunities, your lack of dating success persists. Your dating journey remains a challenging terrain, and the vision of a transformed dating life remains out of reach. The experiences that currently leave you feeling disheartened will continue, potentially deepening the sense of isolation and self-doubt.

While staying in the comfort of familiarity might provide temporary relief, it also means forfeiting the chance for meaningful change. The fear and uncertainty surrounding dating will linger, affecting not only your romantic life but also your overall confidence and well-being. The cycle repeats, and the desire for a fulfilling connection remains unmet. You sit and watch others around you find healthy relationships, and you continue to wonder why you’re left behind.

As you stand at the crossroads of these two paths, it’s essential to recognize that the decision is yours to make. Your dating journey is a personal adventure, and the choices you make now shape the experiences that lie ahead. Whichever path you choose is an investment in your own future. The question is, which future aligns with the vision you have for yourself? Dating With Courage is the compass that will guide you toward transformation, and the journey is yours to embark upon.


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"I'm now meeting women and going on dates on a regular basis."

Your coaching program helped me break out of my comfort zone and embrace new dating opportunities. My coach’s expertise and support were invaluable in helping me overcome my fears and insecurities. The program’s emphasis on self-reflection and personal growth allowed me to develop a strong foundation for dating success. I’m now meeting women and going on dates on a regular basis.


Client, October 2023


We’d love to hear from you! Please reach out to us at [email protected] so we can reply to you personally.

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